IT Recruitment

Building your great IT team becomes easier with EDUROM.

IT candidates’ expectations have changed dramatically in the last years. The way we address these expectations in our IT Recruitment process has a direct impact on your hiring results. Transparency and relevance are our keywords in addressing candidates’ needs, in Iasi and Romania.

Why start a new IT team or fill a vacant IT position, either remote or on-site, with EDUROM?

  • Use the power of a team of 10 IT Recruitment Consultants with expertise varying from 3 to 14 years;
  • Make data-driven decisions & have a good understanding of the IT pools of candidatesin Iasi and Romania. Our custom-built platform allows us to analyze different pools of candidates in terms of technologies and seniorities;
  • Use our 14 years’ expertise in IT recruitment. Since 2008 we helped build from scratch 5 new Software Development Centres;
  • Reach in seconds hundreds of candidates thanks to our customized Talent Acquisition Platform with 15.000+ IT candidates;
  • Have a very good response rate to job proposals because we build strong relationships with the candidates;
  • Match your requirements with the candidate’s interests. It is what motivates us and challenges us;
  • Define together the employee value proposition that differentiates you from other competitors in the IT market.

For ramp-ups, we can provide on-site Consultants with expertise in: IT Recruitment & Project Management in building IT teams.

Iulia Rîndașu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Iulia has experience in growing teams for clients and understanding their businesses.