Our main areas of Consultancy are Performance Management and Productivity Improvement.

Through Performance Management projects, we are clearly defining for our customers Jobs, Key Performance Indicators, Key Job Behaviors, Evaluation Systems, Compensation and Benefits System. We are also running customized training programs and coaching sessions in order to encourage and implement the organization’s change and development.

Through Productivity Improvement projects, our top goal is to achieve a permanent improvement of the effects of our customers’ activities. Our knowledge goes beyond the technical aspect of operational activity and guarantees our broad view of the individual customer’s needs. Before starting a project we mutually specify its main goals and assumptions. During each stage of the project not only do we cooperate with the board members and people responsible for the most important and strategic issues, but we also work with low and medium level managers. Moreover, our collaboration does not stop with the moment of finishing the project. We stay in continuous contact with our customers. A Productivity Improvement project is described by the following stages: Operational Analysis, Project Development, Service.

  • During the Operational Analysis stage our goal is: calculation of potential costs reduction and potential for productivity improvement in your company.
  • During the Project Development stage, our goal is: implementation of new management system in all areas of activity.
  • During the Service stage our goal is: assuring the effects’ continuity – assuring the increase of the company’s profits.

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