Assessment Centers

Assess the potential of your company’s to-be managers and of your current leaders.

The goal of the Talent Assessment Center is to discover how to support your company’s leaders who are striving for the role, are suited for the role or have potential for more.

Edurom uses a range of methods in assessing the job-related behaviour and the potential:


Steps in implementing an Assessment Center for your managers:

  • Establishing the most appropriate tools to identify behaviours and competencies needed to perform in the current or future role;
  • Assessing the eligibility and suitability components of each level of leadership;
  • Identifying the preferred leadership styles;
  • Generating personal reports for every person who is part of the evaluation process;
  • Designing a consultancy programme including coaching sessions in order to implement the conclusions resulting from personal reports.


Edurom is a Human Resources and Management Consulting services group in Romania, with over 20 years of deep practical experience. Start a discussion with us:

Iulia Rîndașu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Iulia has experience in building technical & leadership teams for clients and in business management.