Whole Brain® Thinking

Whole Brain® Thinking is a scalable framework developed by Herrmann, global leader in the application of cognitive science to talent management, learning and development.

Seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies, along with hundreds of small to mid-sized companies, benefit from use of Whole Brain® Thinking Model to gain insight about the cognitive diversity among their talent. This model is based on Nobel Prize-winning cognitive science research & application developed 40+ years ago and validated with more than 2 million leaders and managers worldwide.

It is the most advanced system ever developed to measure and define cognitive diversity; a model for how people tend to use their brains and how their thinking works.

In the Whole Brain® Model, thinking falls into four preferences that everyone has access to (take into consideration that 95% of the population is multi-dominant in their preferences):

  • Analytical Thinking (asks What?)
  • Structural Thinking (asks How?)
  • Relational Thinking (asks Who?)
  • Experiential Thinking (asks Why?)


The impact of Whole Brain® Thinking in organizations:

Drive productivity

In a six-year blind study with the National Forest Service, Herrmann scientists were able to demonstrate a 66% lift in productivity for Whole Brain® Teams over their non-Whole Brain® counterparts.

Foster innovation

A Fortune 100 firm leveraged Whole Brain® Thinking to adopt a process innovation across 55,000 employees and two languages, and they’ve been saving at least $100 Million each year as a result.

Build diverse & inclusive workplace

Placing the Whole Brain® Model & HBDI at the centre of their model, Gardenswartz and Rowe – world-renowned leaders in the D&I arena – recognize that how people think is an essential and foundational aspect of Diversity.

Engage and retain

When we’re misunderstood, we feel confusion, frustration, and that reality is falling short of our expectations. Herrmann helps build more inclusive cultures by leveraging deep research in cognitive diversity to diagnose gaps and recommend action items.  The result is that your team will feel connected, understood, engaged.


The award-winning Whole Brain® Model was developed by the late Herrmann founder, Ned Herrmann, during his work as head of management education at General Electric’s Management Development Institute at Crotonville. Since then, Herrmann continues to work toward the mission of “Better Thinking for a Better World” by enabling organizations to create more cohesive teams and managers using visibility into their thinking styles.

EDUROM is an official provider of Whole Brain® Thinking in Romania: companies that want to apply this scalable framework to achieve business goals, will have local service and support through the Edurom Training & Consultancy team.

To start a discussion, contact our Herrmann Whole Brain® Thinking Certified Practitioner:

Adrian Rîndașu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Adi has experience in senior management advisory programs, management training, design and delivery of leadership programmes.