IT job search experiences through our Recruitment Agency

IT professionals shared their experiences of looking for a new job with the help of our EDUROM Recruitment consultants. 

Get a feel of what working with our IT Recruitment Agency is like: simply slide through the testimonials below.  Sneak peek: you will find key aspects that were important to IT professionals, like relevant proposals received, efficient discussions and quick responses on the road to landing the best-fit IT roles. 


The aim to match your expectations with great IT jobs is reflected in the recruitment experiences that EDUROM Recruitment consultants deliver. The testimonials below come directly from IT professionals that trusted us and offered us a minimum of their time. 

Just a few experiences from the 10 000+ candidates with whom EDUROM Recruitment has been interacting since 2008. After glancing over these experiences, you can also check the answers we offered to the question ”In a world full of recruiters, why should you talk with an EDUROM consultant?”. 

So, working with our IT Recruitment Agency is about … 

  • … courage and relevant advice. 

    These bring the key result: finding the role that puts your expertise and experience to the best use. As it happened with Andreea: 

Testimonial about the EDUROM Recruitment experience

  • … honest discussions and relevant interviews. 

    Through them, we assist you in the time period you need to explore the best career options. Furthermore, our EDUROM Recruitment consultants keep in touch and after you get hired, as appreciated by Adrian: 

Job search experience through EDUROM IT Recruitment Agency

  •  time saved and less stress in finding a new job in IT. 

    Working with our IT Recruitment Agency is a solution also validated by Narcis: 

Find your next IT job with EDUROM Recruitment

  • acknowledgment of challenges. 

Making the best job change is not always easy. No matter the challenges, our EDUROM Recruitment consultants do their best to assist you in your searches. Even if you are making the first job change, as Andrei did through us: 

  • … privacy.  

It ia  completely natural way in which our EDUROM consultants approach the recruitment experience. Furthermore, it is completely normal for us to respect the anonymity of the people who work with us while finding them an extraordinary team: 

  • … professionalism and reliability. 

In every step of our discussions and of the recruitment processes, as confirmed by Andrei, on our Iași Google profile: 


In the end, it is important to know that you can have your own successful experience with EDUROM Recruitment.

Bring your own expectations and criteria in choosing your next employer. 

And our consultants will respect what you are looking for. Also, they will do their best to offer you the job opportunities that best fit your desires and professional experience. Whether you are a junior, mid, or senior, or whether you come from a small company or a multinationalwhether you are looking for remote work or on-site in a Romanian city. 

Just choose here with whom to talk to* and push the button to send them a message. Our EDUROM Recruitment consultants will be happy to hear from you.

* By the way, you can also ask about the free BELBIN® profile EDUROM can offer you – an internationally recognized tool that delivers a Personalized Report which you can use to project and talk about your behavioural strengths in a productive way (in job discussions and not only). 


This article is written by our colleague Alina. If you are curious about the source of our content and the values that drive the EDUROM teams, you can contact her at or write her a message on LinkedIn.  

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