Belbin® for Business

Studied in management courses around the world, and used every day in tens of thousands of organisations, Belbin Team Roles has become the gold-standard method for identifying behavioural contributions in the workplace.

The Belbin methodology can be used with teams, in management training, for leadership development, in recruitment and career development, for conflict management, for employee engagement, for personal development and coaching, in change management.

In a nutshell, using Belbin will give to your organization:

  • Balanced teams based on behavioural contributions rather than job titles;
  • Self-aware individuals who can adapt their behaviours according to the situation and business need;
  • The right people doing the right tasks, leading to better-performing teams;
  • Depersonalised team conversations, using a common language to discuss team contributions;
  • Informed, impartial decision-making, based on fact rather than a ‘gut-feel’ which may be subject to unconscious bias;
  • Confidence when making decisions involving people;
  • Insight into behavioural strengths and weaknesses which aren’t necessarily revealed by a CV.

The Belbin Team Role theory was developed during an intense study of teams by Dr. Meredith Belbin at the Administrative Staff College from Henley Management College, Great Britain. The official website of the methodology is

EDUROM is officially representing Belbin® in Romania, delivering training and development programs, managing all the Belbin platform interactions for reports generation, and certifying new Belbin professionals who use the methodology in their own organisations.

What can Belbin® do for your team and company in Romania? Discuss with our colleague:

Adrian Rîndașu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Adi has experience in senior management advisory programs, management training, design and delivery of leadership programmes.