How to choose an IT Recruitment Agency? A key factor

There could be several reasons why a company would choose to work with an IT Recruitment Agency: high hiring numbers of professionals and insufficient internal resources or new projects that need fast onboarding of IT professionals. Or a business strategy focused on bringing IT experts in the team. But how to choose the right IT Recruitment Agency? After all, it is an important decision that can help your company reach your IT hiring objectives.

When choosing the IT Recruitment Agency to work with, here is a key decision factor to look at: talk with them about their Talent Acquisition Platform. Why? Because it is an indicator of:

  • The way your company’s image will be presented to potential candidates;
  • The degree of objectivity in delivering and presenting the results brought to your hiring objectives.

From our own Recruitment experience in Iasi and Romania, we can share that an IT Recruitment Agency with a digitalized Talent Acquisition Platform allows the IT recruiters to:

  • manage efficiently IT projects;
  • constantly improve the delivery rate;
  • create bridges of communication between IT companies and IT professionals;
  • deliver a great experience for the candidates and results to you as an employer;
  • easily and carefully implement the GDPR policies in relationship with each candidate.

For businesses, these translate to having three main benefits:

1. Your company’s image is properly represented in the market 

The customized Talent Acquisition Platform makes it easier for the IT recruiters to create and manage tailored relationships with candidates. This way, your employer value proposition is delivered to the right candidates in the right manner. Also, you associate your brand with professionalism.

For example, thanks to our Platform, we offer relevant information to each IT professional we interact with. Even if we reconnect with some of them after months or years, we manage to communicate coherently and to bring added value to their career development plans.

2. You can take data-driven decisions in your hiring projects

The Agency’s Talent Acquisition Platform should offer the analytics needed to make data-driven decisions in your business’ hiring strategies. For us, having 20 000+ IT candidates in our Platform means it is just a matter of clicks to analyze technologies and seniorities present in the market. That’s why before accepting an IT recruitment project, we first analyze objectively the degree of possibility in obtaining a satisfying result for our client.

3. Your business is connected in ”real-time” with the IT market

More importantly than having a Talent Acquisition Platform is to have one that is up to date with the market. If you work with an IT Recruitment Agency that has a Platform constantly enhanced and updated, then your company will have a strong partner, ready to deliver your needed hiring results.

For the Edurom Recruitment team, being connected to the market means, first of all, means to constantly find great IT professionals and open conversations with them. We regularly manage to create new relationships with potential candidates for our clients by improving our sourcing methods. For example, our IT recruiters improve their skills through continuous training and by participating in international conferences with top IT recruiters from around the world.

Edurom - The Key Features of Our Talent Acquisition Platform
Edurom’s IT Talent Acquisition Platform

One last thought: for us, the successful delivery rate offered to our clients is also due to making the Platform in collaboration with our recruiters, based on their experience of 3 to 12 years in managing clients and candidates’ expectations.

What else would be important?

The Talent Acquisition Platform is one key factor when choosing your IT Recruitment Agency to bring you the needed results.  

Get your insights on what else would be important, considering your specific IT Recruitment goals or challenges: email our colleague Iulia at or write to her on LinkedIn.

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