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First of all, we acknowledge that moving on to a new job or challenge can be stressful and has a great impact in your professional, but also your personal life. And we believe you can make a great CAREER CHOICE, based on a WELL-INFORMED decision.

Through honest discussions and relevant interviews, the Edurom team promises to assist you in this time period. Together with us, you will discover what defines your new successful job:

  • how do you want to grow yourself in the next role;
  • how challenging the projects and tech stack you want to be;
  • what kind of expertise you want to find out in your future team & colleagues;
  • how would you define a great learning experience in your future job;
  • how to balance financial terms with your seniority level and growing opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Explore with us IT jobs available for you in Romania. Choose from Java, .NET Core, DevOps, Angular, QAM, Machine Learning, Full Stack, or other requirements relevant to you. Find below the IT role that catches your eye, click on it and then easily start a conversation with the EDUROM consultant. 

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