We believe you have the power to build the best version of yourself, your team and company. Edurom is a Human Resources and Management Consulting services group that assists you in achieving outstanding results by providing:

  • world-class training methodologies;
  • talent recruitment expertise, with technical recruitment and executive search services;
  • tailored consultancy solutions.


Your development. Our mission” is the motto upon which we act. Our team of highly skilled professionals has 21 years of deep practical experience and enables results by working with leaders, teams and individuals.

Our corporate clients are well-known national or international businesses, as well as companies that are newcomers to the Romanian business market.

Four powerful international methodologies are present in Romania through us:

  • Edurom is a Global Affiliate of The Center for Leadership Studies, USA – the home of Situational Leadership®, a proven successful framework for leaders and individual contributors.
  • Edurom represents BELBIN® in Romania, the methodology developed in the UK through which great teams can be put together and existing teams can be understood and improved, that also helps individuals in taking control of, and progress, in their career.
  • Edurom is an official provider of Whole Brain® Thinking, a scalable framework built upon understanding of individual thinking preferences.
  • Edurom trainers are certified in The EQ-i2.0® Emotional Intelligence model and are accredited to run certifications in the utilisation of the EQ-i 2.0® and EQ360® assessments.


Behind the numbers that sum up Edurom’s experience are the values upon which we act: Diligence, Continuous development (“Lifelong Learning”), Respect for resources, Humbleness, Integrity.


25 000+


19 500+

training participants

3 000+

training days

4 400+

days of consultancy


software development centres opened

2 200+

training sessions

40 000+

hours of consultancy


Adrian Rîndașu

Co-founder & Managing Partner I Training, Consultancy
Adi has experience in senior management advisory programs, management training, design and delivery of leadership programmes.

Iulia Rîndașu

Co-founder & Managing Partner I Recruitment

Iulia has experience in business management and in building technical & leadership teams for clients.

Roxana Ionescu - Bîrsan

Senior HR Consultant I Recruitment

Roxana has experience in Head Hunting, Account Management, Performance Management and Training.

Irina Buzatu

Senior HR Consultant I Recruitment

Irina has experience in offering highly personalized and strategic recruitment consultancy.

Adrian Vaman

Trainer & Consulting Lead I Training, Consultancy

Adrian has experience in leadership training, emotional intelligence coaching, performance improvement.

Geanina Rîndașu

Senior Consultant I Training, Consultancy, Management

Geanina has experience in HR management, Recruitment and Compensation & Benefits.

Vlad Crăciun

HR Consultant I Recruitment

Vlad has experience in on-site and technical recruitment, acting as a liaison and consultant between hiring managers and candidates.

Roxana Andrioaei

HR Consultant I Recruitment

Roxana has experience in finding the perfect match between career opportunities and candidates’ preferences.

Carmen Poalelungi

IT Recruiter & HR Consultant I Recruitment

Carmen has experience in Recruiting, Sourcing and Career Counselling, being involved in end-to-end recruitment processes.

Raluca Alina Maftei

HR Consultant I Recruitment
Raluca has experience in all main areas of People Management, with focus on Technical Recruitment.

Alex Iftimi

IT Recruiter & HR Consultant I Recruitment

Alex has experience in sourcing great talent in undiscovered places around the web, providing a valuable & personalized experience.

Sabina Gavriloaiei

IT Recruiter & HR Consultant I Recruitment

Sabina has experience in technical recruitment, talent management, and employee relations.

Loredana Stăcescu

IT Recruiter I Recruitment

Loredana is experienced in sourcing and technical recruitment.

Octavian Macovei

IT Researcher I Recruitment

Octavian has experience in Sourcing and Marketing.

Mădălina Ungureanu

HR Consultant I Training
Mădălina has experience in training programs, team buildings and admin.

Georgiana Trif

HR Data Analyst,  IT Researcher I Recruitment

Georgiana has experience in market research, technical sourcing and is passionate about data analysis.

Alina Ștefan

Marketer I Consultancy
Alina has experience in event management, identifying the red line of an organization’s communication, implementing relevant projects.

Paula Nistorică

IT Researcher I Recruitment

Paula combines her technical background with sales and data analytics skills to deliver relevant candidates.

Sergiu Sităruș

IT Recruiter I Recruitment

Sergiu has experience in sourcing. Is lifelong learner on topics of IT Recruitmentpsychology and personal development.  

Roxana Vesea

IT Recruiter I Recruitment

Roxana has experience in technical sourcing and HR data management.


Cristian Bului

IT Researcher I Recruitment

Cristian has a solid background in volunteering and can easily find the information you need. 

Oana Podgoreanu

IT Researcher I Recruitment

Oana has experience in sourcing and technical talent recruitment.

Andreea Grib

Business Development Specialist

Andreea is experienced in sales and project management.

Călina Ciocoiu

Junior Consultant | Training, Consultancy


Călina is very adaptable, feeling most comfortable when faced with a range of challenges and activities.

Claudia Ursache

Executive Researcher I Recruitment

Claudia has experience in delivering candidates for executive positions, with a focus on sourcing and talent mapping.