Hiring tech talent in Romania, experienced by USA client

The words below were written by one of our clients from the USA, who decided to hire tech talent in Romania with the assistance of our EDUROM Recruitment division:   ”As a way to grow our European presence, my organization chose to start hiring talent in Romania and chose EDUROM Recruitment to help us move […]

Hire remote developers and software engineer teams from Iasi

The IT environment is constantly changing, including the physical place from which teams and developers work. Now it is easy to have a team of software engineers from anywhere in the world. And still, deliver your products or services with the same quality. Including in Iasi, Romania you can find an important pool of remote […]

How to choose an IT Recruitment Agency? A key factor

There could be several reasons why a company would choose to work with an IT Recruitment Agency: high hiring numbers of professionals and insufficient internal resources or new projects that need fast onboarding of IT professionals. Or a business strategy focused on bringing IT experts in the team. But how to choose the right IT Recruitment Agency? […]

A new IT centre in Iasi, founded in Silicon Valley

Edurom announces a new collaboration with a well-funded start-up founded in January 2019, in US, Silicon Valley, with investments of over 20 million dollars. Our Edurom Recruitment consultants are supporting them to build their Iasi-based team of software engineers. The US company has long-term plans of building out an entire organization to support their innovative products. In Iasi […]