Hire remote developers and software engineer teams from Iasi

The IT environment is constantly changing, including the physical place from which teams and developers work. Now it is easy to have a team of software engineers from anywhere in the world. And still, deliver your products or services with the same quality. Including in Iasi, Romania you can find an important pool of remote developers that fit your needs and requirements. 

We can vouch for this because Edurom Recruitment has been closely connected with the IT market since 2008. In this time, we have been actively involved in hiring the IT teams needed for creating from scratch 5 new Software Development Centres in Iasi, Romania.

Iasi is in the North-Eastern part of Romania. It is the biggest city in the region of Moldova and, population-wise, it is the second-largest city in Romania. Over the past 12 years, Iasi has emerged as a talent pool of IT professionals that attracted companies from the USA and Europe alike. It became a veritable information technology hub, with the potential to become a future European IT Hub.

The high-quality and professional experience of the IT talent pool present in Iasi is constantly broadened by the Computer Science Faculty, the Automatic Control and Computer Engineering Faculty, and by the non-formal Schools that offer to the market new junior IT programmers. Furthermore, Iasi and Romania are attractive for companies thanks to the fiscal facilities offered for the IT industry. Iasi also offers developers a suitable place for their families, having options from public and private kindergartens to schools and universities. Plus, a variety of choices according to their preferred lifestyle.

With our database of 10.000+ IT professionals, we invite you to consider hiring remote developers or to create your team of software engineers with professionals from Iasi, Romania. 

If you want to learn more about the Iasi IT pool of candidates, their range of tech stack experience and their willingness to work remotely,

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