In a world full of recruiters, why should you talk with an EDUROM consultant?

In the world of IT Recruitment, there are a lot of professionals complaining they don’t like recruiters and we are sorry to hear that. We admit that not all the recruiters are perfect and not all the recruitment processes are great or run smoothly. We invite you to look behind the curtain so you can access the other perspective:

  • There is no school that can prepare you for being an IT recruiter;
  • The recruitment requirements are changing very fast and the recruiter is not always informed in due time by the hiring manager;
  • The information the recruiter has (from your LinkedIn profile or your resume) is not complete or is not up-to-date.

Nevertheless, HR professionals in recruitment play an important role in your potential new career step. In an overview, there are two reasons:

Reason no. 1:

Each recruitment process includes an HR interview because it is the step in which you can find more information about the company and about all the projects. It is the moment when you can find out other relevant information for your activity, like compensation and benefits, workplace environment, all the following steps from the recruitment process, or how long it will take. You can ask questions and the HR professional can better understand your experience, what you are looking for, and if or what projects/ teams would be suited for you.  

Reason no. 2:

It’s true, a recruiter doesn’t have the same technical knowledge as a technical interviewer, but the HR feedback can be important for the hiring manager. It says something about you as a person and about how you can fit within the team. Why? Because here is their expertise and their support for the hiring manager; and the recruiter also comes to your support to find the best place for you. That’s why we recommend having an honest relationship with him/ her. 

Let’s get into specifics regarding why it is worth your time to talk with an IT recruiter from EDUROM (or EDUROM Consultants as we refer to them). We can’t talk generally about all the recruiters, but we can vouch for our way of working with IT professionals. 

So, between all the LinkedIn messages you receive from recruiters, why should you definitely get in touch with a recruiter from EDUROM? 

1. Our EDUROM Recruitment team has expertise in recruitment of more than 12 years.  

Of course, not all of our consultants have this experience in tech-recruitment, but we encourage working in teams and we focus on knowledge sharing.

2. At each moment we have around 50 – 60 vacant roles to be filled at our clients only in the IT area. 

From big companies with seniority in the market to small companies, new in town, from outsourcing to product companies. This helps us to have a general and strong overview of the market, to give and receive feedback from many perspectives. This also means we can come to you with more roles from which you can choose. 

3. EDUROM consultants have experience with hundreds of candidates onboarded to our clients.         

If we match them well with the role, most probably we can also do it with you. Moreover, most of our colleagues hold more than a few thousand interviews for different jobs and different companies.

4. You invest time into one meeting with us and you can skip more HR talks (the ones from the companies with which we work).

Our way of working is to present our candidates to our clients with details regarding their experience and their expectations (things you share with us). We work pretty closely with our clients to understand their needs and, based on these, they can more easily schedule the tech interview.

5. You talk with us and you decide to which companies we present your CV.

We aim to be relevant and to offer you jobs that fit with what information we have from you.

6. With most EDUROM Recruitment clients, we have long-term collaboration.  

Due to our long history with them, we can find faster the best match between you and their work environment or way of working.

7. We have experience with other candidates for similar roles.

This helps us, in most cases, to know the steps and requirements from the process. We can offer details about what to expect from each step – so, we can reduce the surprise tech-tests.

8. We are not forgetting the human touch.

It can be more interesting to have a friendly talk with one of our consultants than to ”talk” with a bot from an automatized recruitment process. Or so we hope 🙂 

In the end, discussing with an EDUROM Recruitment Consultant, you will discover what defines your new successful job: 

  • how do you want to grow professionally in the next role; 
  • how challenging the projects and tech stack you want to be; 
  • what kind of expertise you want to encounter in your future team & colleagues; 
  • how you would define a great learning experience in your future job; 
  • how to balance financial terms with your seniority level and growing opportunities.

For more information, investigate some arguments from Glassdoor about why you should take into consideration a talk with an IT recruiter and going to an interview even if you are not sure you are interested in a change: access their article here.

And here you can check our updated list with job opportunities. Choose the role you like best and e-mail the EDUROM consultant (you will have a “Send” button in the description of the role). This way, you can check for yourself how we approach the recruitment process with IT professionals. 

This article is written by our colleague Sabina. If you want to discuss more on this topic with her, you can contact her at or write to her on LinkedIn. EDUROM Recruitment is an Agency with proven hiring results in IT Recruitment and Executive search, in Romania.