Your behaviour and needs explained

Have something much more than a personality test done on the internet. Order your personalized Belbin Report, in Romanian. Through it, you can easily understand your behaviour and needs in any situation. At the best price possible, directly from our website, with just a few clicks:

In our mission to help you in having a better professional life, we brought BELBIN in Romania. It is a methodology that passed the test of time and is continually validated to ensure that it is perfect for the workplace environment today.


Not clear how Belbin can help you? Then, don’t hesitate to contact our colleague Mădălina.

Also, you can check on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for individuals what are the nine Belbin Team Roles, their behaviour, with their strengths and allowable weaknesses. 

An example of an Individual Belbin Report, English version.
The behaviour reflected in the work style.