The barometer of your organization

Here at EDUROM we are striving to put our knowledge to the benefit of our stakeholders, especially in trying times such as these.

Considering the current events that are in development and the challenges which we all face, we have put our experience in data processing and analysis to good use and created a survey, that we are running free of charge, designed to check our employees’ state of mind, in order to help us:

> Better understand the current state of mind in the company;

> Find out which are the most important needs at the moment for the employees;

> Discover what aid can be offered by the managers in order to surpass these moments together.

We are currently rolling out this survey within various companies in Iasi, as well as an open version for individual contributors who wish to share their opinions on the matter.

The surveys are anonymous, thus allowing respondents to be as open as possible and offering an image close to reality.

If you want to complete the open survey, you can do so here.

If you want to implement the State of mind barometer, free of charge, in your organization, send a short message to our colleague Adrian Vaman at