Should I quit a freelancing activity for a ”9 to 5” job?

Freelancing can be associated with more free-time by all the employees who are exhausted because of their corporate life. As a freelancer, you can travel whenever you want, you can work from anywhere you want or with anyone you want… 

Last year (2020), was a different year compared with others and 2021 continues to be unpredictable, challenging the adaptability skills. One of the changes we saw in our EDUROM Recruitment activity was to meet a lot of IT professionals who left their freelancing activity and accepted a job in a company. 

 If you are curious why, here are some arguments for making this decision: 

  • Constant salary.  

You don’t need to hunt  anymore for new clients or new projects to earn your money. You receive a constant salary each month for your job. And a bonus: it is no longer your role to accept or to reject a client. 

  • Predefined working schedule.  

This is important for your mental, physical and emotional health. There is an “out-of-office” message and an office phone number so you can skip clients who might disturb your vacation. 

  • Working on a team.  

This is important for building relationships. You can have a senior / manager who can advise you or you can have juniors to mentor them. Peers with whom to exchange ideas are also important, especially in problem-solving scenarios. 

  • Career path and a clearly-defined role.  

It is not so fun to have non-technical clients who ask you to redo your work outside the contract, right? Maybe it would be helpful to work only on a specific part of more complex projects. Specializing in a specific role can help you grow technically. 

  • Access to up-to-date technologies.  

Big companies can invest in new technologies, strong equipment, and relevant training programs. All of these are vital/ essential to a strong player from the industry.

  • Working for a big name.

The market grew a lot and there are a lot of big companies who opened offices in Romania, with interesting, impactful projects. Won’t be a proud moment when you tell a friend that you are working for a renowned company or for a company that have cool, challenging projects? 

  • Flexible working hours and working remotely.  

Nowadays, most companies agree on this type of benefit. Of course, there has to be a certain schedule because you have to be present in meetings, but you can find solutions easily. 

As recruitment consultants, it is not our job to encourage employment or freelancing. In some industries such as IT, there is a lot of space for both and it depends on what you want, as an IT professional. But if you are a freelancer and you receive a message from a recruiter who proposes you a job, before saying “no”, why not try to answer yourself some questions? We recommend these ones to help you find out if it works for you to consider swapping a freelancing activity with a “9 to 5 job”: 

  • What are the biggest advantages you have as a freelancer?  
  • What are the biggest DISadvantages?  
  • What are your financial needs?  

We are sometimes tempted to want more and to take two jobs if possible. But when you do only your work (you = not a one-man-show) and you earn a constant, monthly salary, what is the minimum desired? 

  • What advantages do you see to working in a team?  

If you are a technical guy/ girl, how much satisfaction can you see from client-negotiation discussions? Or do you value knowledge-sharing for your professional growth? 

In the end, we encourage each professional to talk with a recruiter to find more information regarding the projects he/she manages. You don’t have anything to lose, you can actually find some interesting things that are happening in the industry. After this, all the administrative details for collaboration can be solved, so that they best fit your objectives and needs. 


This article is written by our colleague Sabina. If you want to discuss more on this topic, you can contact her at or write her a message on LinkedInIf you found this article useful, this one might also be of interest:   

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Source of image: Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh from Pexels