Last call: join the Iasi IT Salary Survey (2023)

This is the last call to join the 10th edition of EDUROM’s Iasi IT Salary Survey. What salaries are in 2023 on the local IT market? What are the trends to come? Where does your business stand? Check below how the IT Salary Survey can help you with answers to these questions. Complete the short form below to receive all the details to make your decision to join.

Keep in mind that this is a closed survey, meaning companies which are NOT providing data CANNOT BUY the results of the study. The Iasi IT Salary Survey is conducted by the Training & Consultancy division of EDUROM.


Data is important. It offers you:

Relevant insights

When considering business contexts, the decisions should be data-driven. It’s not a secret anymore that data sharing and HR analytics have become a business necessity. Because having access to the right data will give you the most relevant insights, which will help you maximise the results of your actions and decisions.

And more than ever, you can have access not only to the data inside your company. After all, continuous benchmarking and evaluation of salary and incentive levels are key to stay on target in attracting and retaining the best talent in your industry.

A glimpse into future’s trends

It is critical to get the data of today, but it is also important to observe the trends, how technologies are changing, which is the “hottest” technology in the market today, and which one was a few years ago.

Food for Thought: Did you know that you can get information about the net salaries for each technology from the local IT market by paying less than the national average cost of labour?!


It is worth investing in an external salary survey because:

You have an ally in retaining talent

If you don’t review your jobs against the market, retaining talent might become an issue. And without a dedicated team, it’s hard to develop an instrument for this type of service and create the relevant sample for the data to be statistically representative.

The external studies collect the data directly from the companies, which makes it accurate and trusted. It’s something that you can rely on. Without this, your options are limited to networking and internet searches. Looking for compensation and benefits information every time you hire a new employee, is not a sustainable approach.

In perspective, you give a small cost, with high benefits

The costs related to employees are some of the biggest ones – and they have almost doubled within the last decade, according to the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) published financial situations. Furthermore, the cost for an external IT salary survey is a small one compared to all your other costs.

Use the right instruments in order to assure the right compensation, according to the market, the level of knowledge, experience and so on. It is preferable to look at several data sources, especially if you are recruiting for specialised positions, just to be sure that you have in mind the right compensation for the job.


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The HR Analytics experience of EDUROM Training & Consultancy:

  • a decade of highly representative and comprehensive IT salary studies delivered – starting back in 2014;
  • over 20 000 individual salaries in the IT industry processed over 10 years;
  • know-how in structuring compensation and benefits data to offer an objective, granular view – including on technologies like QA/ Testing (Manual & Automation), .NET (Web & Desktop), PHP, Java, JavaScript, Mobile (Android & iOS), Front-end, C++, UI/UX, IT Support;
  • presenting complex business and HR data on 3 levels of depth;
  • 40 000 + hours of consultancy offered in the IT&C industry, BPO, retail, pharma, FMCG, telecom, oil & gas;
  • delivering learning and development programs to over 19 500 + participants, including in some of the most relevant IT companies in the national market.


EDUROM Training & Consultancy is a specialised division of the EDUROM Group, which celebrated over 20 years of activity in the Romanian Full HR Services market


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