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Vlad Crăciun

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Job Category: IT
Type: Full Time
Location: Iasi
Level: Mid Senior
Status: Closed
Requirements: AWS CI/CD DevOps Docker GCP Go Infrastructure as Code Kubernetes Linux Python scripting SRE Terraform

Build, manage, and improve a cloud platform for a SaaS product company operating in the FinTech world on a global scale. You will do this by using the latest technologies and practices in the DevOps field.

What will you do:

  • Build and maintain the cloud platform;
  • Develop and improve engineering tools and processes;
  • Develop a DevOps mindset and culture in the organization;
  • Increase observability and operability;
  • Promote technical excellence.

The requirements for the role are:

  • Solid knowledge of public cloud services;
  • Understanding of cloud-native applications and distributed systems;
  • Software development and testing skills (Go, Java, Python, unit testing, integration testing);
  • Good knowledge in network and network security;
  • Experience with configuration management and infrastructure-as-code tools;
  • Experience with Kubernetes;
  • Experience with application monitoring and alerting on scale;
  • Experience with incident management;
  • Exposure to the Software Development Life Cycle, Continuous Integration, and Deployment processes and strategies;
  • Good knowledge of Linux systems (including networking and security);
  • Interest in creating engineering solutions for ops problems;
  • Basic knowledge of database administration.

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