How is your state of mind?

UPDATE, 16th of April: Over four weeks have already passed since our usual way of life was totally changed. We invite you to stop for a moment to reevaluate our state of mind. Right now, how are you, individually? Right now, how are we, at a community level? We can discover together if you will help us by completing the new questionnaire from the „State of Mind Evaluation” Study:


For years, at Edurom, we have been doing studies and data analyses on various topics. Now we make available this resource, so we can help in showing the state of mind of our community beyond the news, social media posts and uncertainties. To participate in this open survey, please fill in the questionnaire below:

The results will be made available for the public.

If you want to have a barometer of the state of mind of your organization, please contact Adrian Vaman at