Extended Belbin Accreditation Program

On 25th to 27th of February, in Bucharest, Edurom is organizing an Extended Belbin Accreditation Program.

To be Belbin® Certified and to have in your organization a Belbin®  consultant means to have a proven methodology to use with individuals and teams, for recruitment, coaching, change management or leadership development. 

Belbin® is one of the best-known global methodologies based on behavioural profiles of the team members. It is used by organizations from around the world and has practical application in varied industries (IT, production, HORECA, BPO, telecom etc.). To learn more about the methodology, visit here the official website.

The accreditation is valid for life and internationally recognized. After the course, Belbin Consultants have all the knowledge to optimally implement the know-how in different types of projects.

Once Accredited, you’re not alone! If you have any questions regarding the reports or you want to get some top tips for session ideas, you can call us. EDUROM certifies Belbin® consultants and supports them to use the methodology since 2011.

The participants in this Extended Belbin Accreditation Program will learn:

• The theory, including the original work, carried out by Dr. Meredith Belbin and his team at Henley Management College;

• The 9 Belbin Team Roles. The strengths and allowable/non-allowable weaknesses of each Team Role are explored in detail, along with combinations of Team Roles;

• The practical use of Belbin Team Roles. Including detailed analysis of the reports, and ways in which can be used in numerous situations;

• The full scope of using Belbin Team Roles. This explores the benefits of 360°feedback, team dynamics and job analysis;

• The tailor aspects of the course for your particular needs. We will use presentations, discussions, DVDs, practical exercises and games to facilitate learning.

For the financial investment and to further discuss Belbin and how it can be of help to you and your organization, don’t hesitate to contact our colleague Ana, at ana.stratulat@edurom.ro.

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