State of Mind Evolution. Comparison Infographic.

How has the general state of mind evolved from the start of the crisis and until after more than a month? You can find out from the “at the start” and “after” comparison below.

Hopefully, it is of interest and useful for the public at large. In our work, we are used to showcasing the impact that our actions (done by us or proposed to our clients) have in the companies with which we work. From this reason, we are used with the two perspectives “before” and “after”, in parallel.

From professional instinct, then, we extended the state of mind analyses of the two moments, adding this comparison.

UPDATE: We extracted these key findings from our analysis:

Evolutia starii de spirit. Informatii cheie.
Evolutia starii de spirit. Dupa peste 4 saptamani de criza.


If interested for more details, please contact our colleague, Adrian Vaman, at or message him directly on his LinkedIn profile.