Become The Sourcer: learn and practice; receive the job offer

Take charge of your future with our free Assessment Programme for students and graduates, developed by EDUROM Recruitment. You can join a condensed and practical learning programme about Sourcing, at the end of which you could receive a job offer.  

First of all, what is sourcing?  

Sourcing is a key part in the Recruitment strategy of any organization, having an impact on the efficiency of the recruitment process right from its start.  Find out  how it is done in our Assessment Programme. Our colleague Vlad is looking forward to receiving your CV.  

Sounds interesting. What will I actually do in this Sourcing Assessment Programme? 

  • learn and practice the basic skills of a Sourcing Specialist;  
  • get insights about sourcing in the IT industry; 
  • connect with other young professionals;  
  • interact with experienced HR consultants and IT Recruiters; 
  • ask your questions and get a better idea if this is the career you want;  
  • at the end of it, potentially get an offer to join our EDUROM Recruitment Sourcing team – of course, depending on your decision to take this career path and if you are a best fit with our team. 

I’d like to join, but will I have the time? 

Considering that this programme is designed for students too, it takes into consideration other priorities such as your time for university classes.  

Sign me up! How do I do that? 

Send your resume at by the latest 31st of January, 2022, end of the day. 

When do we begin? 

The date will be decided together with the ones accepted in the programme, after the interviews, in order to best fit everyones schedule. 


Who is EDUROM Recruitment?  

EDUROM Recruitment is a Romanian Agency with proven hiring results in IT Recruitment and Executive search, with offices in Bucharest and Iași, part of the EDUROM Group. We acknowledge that moving on to a new job or challenge has a great impact on the professional and personal life of IT professionals. And we believe they can make a great CAREER CHOICE, based on a WELL-INFORMED decision. Through honest discussions and relevant interviews, our HR consultants promise to assist them in this time period.