Understand your behaviour [2/2] BELBIN and the Confirmation Bias

In this article you will find out how BELBIN, a behavioural test, can help you work better with labelling and the confirmation bias (concepts  every  human uses, consciously or unconsciously, which we detailed in this article, Labelling and the confirmation bias).  For those unfamiliar with the methodology, BELBIN is a way of thinking of ourselves through our Team Roles: […]

Understand your behaviour [1/2] Labelling and the confirmation bias

What Disney princess are you? What’s your pizza type? What’s your celebrity alter ego? When looking up “personality quizzes”, Google returns no less than 654,000,000 results (yep, that’s 654 MILLION results). And no wonder, since many of these are just fun quizzes that don’t take more than a few minutes. They give you instant gratification […]