What to read in the job description before applying

As recruitment consultants, we often hear people arguing that it’s very hard to find an ideal IT team for them or that recruiters don’t contact them enough with interesting IT roles. And we agree that finding a good job is not an easy task.   We also advise each candidate to ask himself/ herself if […]

Should I quit a freelancing activity for a ”9 to 5” job?

Freelancing can be associated with more free-time by all the employees who are exhausted because of their corporate life. As a freelancer, you can travel whenever you want, you can work from anywhere you want or with anyone you want…  Last year (2020), was a different year compared with others and 2021 continues to be […]

How and why to prepare for a job change?

It is nice to know that you can have a long-term career in a single company. At the same time, we know that retiring from the first job is much less common than it used to be. So, job changes are normal nowadays. But why and how to prepare for a job change? In the […]