Belbin Team Roles

Virtual Certification Program for BELBIN

This October, Romanian HR professionals and Romanian managers can start using Belbin Team Roles to improve team performance. For this, EDUROM is launching the virtual BELBIN Certification program, with the following schedule: 3rd-7th of October 2022, daily online sessions from 9:30 till 12:30 10th of October 2022, 1-hour exam. With 20 years of experience in …

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Using BELBIN in Recruitment

BELBIN is a methodology used to bring each individual’s behavioural “fingerprint” to the team, maximising the team’s potential and containing weaknesses. It can be used with teams, in management training, for leadership development, in recruitment and career development, for conflict management, for employee engagement, for personal development and coaching, in change management.  Of all these …

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Understand your behaviour [2/2] BELBIN and the Confirmation Bias

In this article you will find out how BELBIN, a behavioural test, can help you work better with labelling and the confirmation bias (concepts  every  human uses, consciously or unconsciously, which we detailed in this previous article, Labelling and the confirmation bias).  For those unfamiliar with the methodology, BELBIN is a way of thinking of ourselves through our Team …

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