Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders introduces participants to the Situational Leadership® Model and equips leaders with the necessary tools to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace. Infinitely adaptable to any circumstance, Situational Leadership® prepares leaders to meet the moment- to-moment challenges pervasive in today’s work environments.

Through a combination of instructor-led training, multimedia, role-playing and skill-building activities, Building Leaders provides ample opportunity to practice applying the core tenets of the model. Participants learn to effectively manage any situation by immediately prioritizing broad actions into specific tasks and utilizing the tools that indicate each individual’s ability to perform.

In addition, online or paper-based assessments (LEAD Self and LEAD Others) provide participants with insights into their primary leadership behaviors and the range of styles they tend to act upon.

Benefits of Building Leaders:
Prepares leaders to effectively deal with any situation, opportunity or challenge.
Teaches the skills needed to determine Performance Readiness among team members.
Provide leaders with an action oriented framework to immediately increase the quantity of performance conversations.
Enhances the work environment with improved performance and teamwork.