This service is designed based on our customers’ needs, candidates’ career expectations and market trends.

To our Customers, we are offering the right candidates for the right activity in the right time! We are successfully managing more than 90 annual recruitment projects in various fields and levels of seniority. Nevertheless, we are achieving a competitive Retention Rate considering that, in the past 2 years, none of the employed candidates through EDUROM have left the job earlier than 1 year. Based on market trends and our experience, more than 50% of the recruitment projects that we are now managing are in the IT field, most of them covering experienced and senior positions, all the way up to management roles.

In order to deliver the expected results, we are focusing on the process and we are continuously improving the way we are implementing recruitment and selection projects. Using only the right and well proved-original tools, we are properly defining the job needs and the team needs. Also, through our network and the way we promote the positions we manage, we are attracting the most suitable persons and we assess them using authentic methods based on more than 30 years of global Research&Development in this field. In the end, we support our customers in the decision making process and we contribute to an effective induction of the new employees in the company.

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To our Candidates, we ensure a consultative approach, recommending to them the positions that would suit them best, according to their expectations, qualifications, and preferred behaviors. This way, not only do we help them to make the right career choice, but we are able to develop long-term professional relationships. Even more, in order to be ready to achieve the job that they are aiming for, our Candidates has the possibility to access specific Training Programs, Career’s Consultancy and Behavioral, Skills based and Technical assessments tools.

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