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Job Category: IT
Type: Full Time
Location: Hybrid Iasi
Level: Mid Senior
Status: Closed
Requirements: automotive Electronics Design hardware development Mechanical Engineering microcontrollers Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Radar Radio Frequency (RF) System Requirements

Our client is a world leader in intelligent exterior systems, clean energy systems and front-end modules, who provides customized multi-material solutions with a high-added value that increasingly integrates functions and enhances safety to reduce vehicle weight and CO2 emissions.

What will you do?

  • Work closely with a multi-disciplinary team (system, software, safety, mechanical…) to ensure radar hardware development coherence vs. global product development;
  • Define radar pieces of hardware (radar board, waveguide, connectors, metasurfaces-based antennas…) requirements in coherence with radar system requirements;
  • Define radar hardware interfaces (mechanical, electrical, vs. the ECU, etc.);
  • Work closely with the Radiofrequency (RF) team to understand the development of metasurfaces-based antennas technology and pilot their industrial development with suppliers;
  • Functional analysis and component technical specification writing;
  • Joint design optimization with the project team (PCB design, mechanical design, CEM, BOM optimization, etc.) until design validation ;
  • Work closely with the software and purchasing team to define an ECU (microcontroller) able to host radar control and imaging algorithms and manage interfaces between hardware and low-level software;
  • Work closely with the hardware team to understand the development of the prototype radar board and pilot its industrial development with selected suppliers (after benchmark);
  • Manage the different suppliers jointly with the purchasing team to develop and industrialize the radar pieces of hardware (project management, quality, requirement traceability, documentation, etc.);
  • Contribute to the activities related to quality management, safety management, and homologation preparation.

What will you bring in?

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in hardware development at OEMs or Tier one ’s specialized in electronic design and/or manufacturing;
  • Experience in design, industrialization, and testing of embedded safety-critical hardware in the framework of automotive processes and norms;
  • Experience in schematic, layout support, and PCB definition-routing support for the PCB designer/manufacturing;
  • Knowledge of automotive networks (CAN, Ethernet…);
  • Experience in Radio frequency and EMC;
  • Generic knowledge of working with microcontrollers;
  • Experience in technical exchanges and decisions regarding radar HW components to be used in products.
  • Entrepreneurship spirit to work in interaction with a start-up.

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