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Job Category: Executive
Location: Iasi
Status: Closed

Be the leader of a Product Line and ensure that delivery goals & objectives are achieved by your teams, while engineers have constant skills growth and are high performers.

What will you do:

  • As an Engineering Manager you will be mainly focusing on guiding people in their career path whilst defining way of working in the teams that enables high autonomy, high alignment and streamlined product engineering process;
  • You will build and serve a successful & motivated Product Line by:
    • Working with Product Managers & System Owners to provide servant leadership in all the teams, part of the Product Line;
    • Co-owning the Product Line roadmap alongside Product Managers & System Owners;
    • Defining, acting and monitoring on quarterly team objectives to achieve tribe goals, agreed with Tribe Champion;
    • Structuring teams and creating new ones to achieve agreed goals & objectives;
    • Ensuring each person fully understands their role/position and achieves the outcomes expected from them.
  • Ensure that capacity & skills are ahead of Product Line needs by:
    • Acting as a Hiring Manager for the Product Line needs, ensuring team capacity to achieve expected outcomes;
    • Defining recruiting strategies to acquire new skills or creating the capacity to satisfy business needs, longevity, skills diversity, attrition mitigation and competitiveness;
    • Coordinating internship programs to grow and attract talent;
    • Ensuring group has only members that are aligned to our company values, engineering goals and required set of skills;
    • Assuring belts balance and spread to facilitate technical and delivery sustainability.
  • Provide constant growth and clear career path for Engineers by:
    • Creating personalized career development plans for engineers and guiding them in achieving both personal & organization goals;
    • Creating, together with the Tribe Champion, grading promotion process that ensures consistency across the group, while ensuring fair, consistent and motivating compensation;
    • Establishing holistic coaching and mentorship principles and ensuring each team member receives fair & just-in-time feedback;
    • Facilitating learning and skills growth for each engineer (trainings, conferences, learning materials, mentors etc.).
  • Find a way of working that enables teams’ high autonomy, high alignment by:
    • Defining and applying modern engineering practices to enable team autonomy and alignment to our way of working;
    • Ensuring teams are able to autonomously design, build, test and operate their services;
    • Identifying impediments and applying ways to overcome them;
    • Connecting with other teams and stakeholders to provide visibility & transparency to current progress and agree on next objectives.
  • Ensure that onboardings are efficient & scalable by:
    • Designing efficient onboarding process for new colleagues (new colleagues or people transitions from other groups);
    • Making sure that new members are aligned to company values and culture & their skills and plans are aligned with the team they are part of;
    • Capturing on-time feedback about the people in on-boarding and monitoring actions/corrections.
  • Advertise the company culture and way of working by:
    • Communicating internally and with each individual about our direction and beliefs;
    • Being involved as a speaker at meetups/conferences in order to attract talent and contribute to the community.

The requirements for the role are:

  • Strong leadership skills, in regards to establishing trust, transparency, direction and goals;
  • Solid hands-on background in software engineering and operations that enables a smooth streamlined process for delivering value;
  • Strong people management skills, able to understand people ambitions and align them to organization needs and offer constant guidance and feedback for achieving them;
  • Ability to identify roles for accomplishing needs, defining talent acquisition practices, hiring plans and acting on it;
  • Expertise in suggesting and implementing changes based on “connecting the dots” on things that come up repeatedly to find elegant solutions for them in close collaboration with the teams;
  • Capacity to maintain stable performance and can-do attitude when under pressure or stress;
  • Excellent written and verbal technical and personal communication skills in English.

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