Engineering Manager (Infrastructure)

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Roxana Ionescu-Birsan

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Job Category: Executive
Location: Iasi Remote
Status: Closed

Guide people in their career path whilst define ways of working in the teams that enable high autonomy, high alignment, and streamlined engineering process.

What will you do:

  • Build and serve a successful & motivated Infrastructure Engineering team;
  • Ensure that capacity & skills are ahead of SREs needs;
  • Provide constant growth and a clear career path for infrastructure engineers;
  • Find a way of working that enables teams’ high autonomy, high alignment;
  • Assure that special projects are successfully executed;
  • Ensure that onboarding is efficient & scalable.

The requirements for the role are:

  • Strong leadership skills, in regards to establishing trust, transparency, and achieving goals;
  • Solid hands-on background in Cloud/Infrastructure engineering and operations that enables a smooth streamlined process for delivering value;
  • Strong people management skills, able to understand people’s ambitions and align them to organization needs and offer constant guidance and feedback for achieving them;
  • Ability to identify roles for accomplishing needs, defining talent acquisition practices, hiring plans, and acting on it;
  • Expertise in suggesting and implementing changes based on “connecting the dots” on things that come up repeatedly to find elegant solutions for them in close collaboration with the teams;
  • Capacity to maintain stable performance and can-do attitude when under pressure or stress;
  • Questioning/learner attitude. You need to be driven by curiosity and desire to find the truth, not afraid to make mistakes and not to be always right;
  • Honest & integer attitude. You need to earn trust and maintain confidences, speak plainly and truthfully;
  • Excellent written and verbal technical and personal communication skills in English.

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