Your responsibilities will be:

• Leverage cloud platform and central data streaming and processing services to build an IoT platform landscape to serve millions of devices;
• Implement and maintain high-quality IoT service components on top;
• Focus on clean and qualitative high-end code based on a CI/CD-process and software engineering principles;
• Participate in agile development methodologies;
• Evaluate new technologies, frameworks and architectures;

Follow the simple principles:
• You break it you fix it.

Your profile for this role:

• You are a competent programmer with deep knowledge in at least one programming language;
• You have experience with Go or interested in learning it;
• You feel at home in a Linux/UNIX environment;
• You enjoy working in a high-skilled team environment;
• You know the fallacies of distributed computing;
• You have the desire to produce great and clean code;
• You have the ability to take ownership of features;
• You have the willingness to acquire new skills;
• You can follow agile methods like Kanban or Scrum;
• You speak English on a proficiency level;
• You have good Intercultural competence;
• You have strong personal initiative and willingness to change;
• You are strongly result driven;
• You have strong network thinking.

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