Situational Leadership for Individuals

Starts on: 19/10/2023 9:30 am
Ends on: 19/10/2023 5:00 pm
Location: Bucharest
Type: Training Course
Held in: Romanian
Recommended for: Individual Contributor
Skills: Individual Leadership
Your trainer: Geanina Rîndașu

Geanina has experience in HR management, Recruitment and Compensation & Benefits.

PCM® Certified Practitioner

Belbin® Consultant

Situational Leadership® Trainer

EQ-i2.0® & EQ360® Consultant

— Practice Situational Leadership® to Increase Personal Performance and Job Satisfaction

Owning Your Performance

Situational Leadership® for Individuals is an engaging course designed to help individual contributors develop their understanding of leadership.

When employees can understand their contribution to the success of the organization, and how to obtain the desired coaching, they perform to the full extent of their capabilities.

Utilizing the performance language of the Situational Leadership® methodology, participants learn to diagnose their Performance Readiness® and effectively communicate their specific needs to their leaders.

Benefits of Situational Leadership® for Individuals
  • Individual Contributors understand their role in the leadership process
  • Improve the number of meaningful discussions about performance and engagement between individual contributors and their leaders
  • Increase the transparency between employees and their managers
  • Boost productivity through a culture of engagement defined by focused employees delivering impactful results


Program Content

  • Introduction to Situational Leadership Model®
  • Success & Engagement
  • Owning your Performance
    • Take Charge of the Process
    • Identify the task
    • Asses & describe my Performance Readiness
  • Understanding my Performance
    • Define Performance
    • Leadership Styles
  • Communicate effectively with my leader
    • Communicate my leadership needs
    • Ask coaching for my development
    • Skill Development


About Situational Leadership®

Situational Leadership® Model is the most powerful system utilized globally for increasing leaders’ performance in work environment and their results, obtained through the people they are coordinating, regardless of their hierarchical position in organization or their functional role.

Developed by Dr. Paul Hersey at The Center for Leadership Studies, the Situational Leadership® Model is a powerful, yet flexible tool that enables leaders to diagnose the variables of any given situation and adapt their coaching style to the needs of the individual or team they are trying to influence. It is a model that impacted over 14 million managers worldwide, in Top 100 Fortune companies.

“Leadership is not defined by position, but in terms of contribution.”

– Dr. Paul Hersey, Founder,  The Center for Leadership Studies

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