Situational Leadership: Building Leaders

Starts on: 29/05/2024 9:15 am
Ends on: 30/05/2024 5:15 pm
Location: Iasi
Type: Training Course
Held in: Romanian
Recommended for: Manager, First Time Manager, Senior Manager
Skills: Leadership
Your trainer: Adrian Rîndașu

Adi has experience in senior management advisory programs, management training, design and delivery of leadership programmes.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner EDUROM

Situational Leadership® Master Trainer

Belbin® Master Trainer

Herrmann HBDI® Certified Practitioner

— Equip Leaders with the Action-Oriented Framework of Situational Leadership®

A Foundation of Leadership

Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is a dynamic, pragmatic and flexible program that introduces participants to the Situational Leadership® Model and equips people managers with the necessary tools to effectively deal with any situation, opportunity or challenge.

Through a combination of skill-building activities, the two-day Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders workshop provides the participants with ample opportunity to acquire applied practices to influence the performance of individuals or teams.

Benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders
  • Prepare leaders to effectively deal with any situation, opportunity, or challenge
  • Teach leaders the skills needed to determine Performance Readiness® among team members
  • Provide leaders with an action-oriented framework to immediately increase the quantity and quality of performance conversations
  • Enhance the work environment with improved performance and teamwork


Program Content

  • Program Introduction
    • Success and Engagement. Leadership is influence
    • Pre-planned / In-the-moment influence
    • Skills within the organization. Definition of Key Leadership Terms
  • Introduction to the Situational Leadership® Model
  • Beyond Functional Roles: Surfacing the Real Task
    • Distinctions between job, activity area and task
    • Diagnosis. Overall, major or detailed
  • Assessing Performance Readiness®
    • Demonstrated Performance Readiness. Ability and Willingness
    • Performance Readiness Indicators
  • Influence Behaviors
    • Match and Communicate Leader Response
    • Relationship Behavior. Task Behavior. Leadership Style Indicators
  • LEAD Profile Results
  • Manage the Movement
    • Development and Regression. Impact on Performance Readiness
    • Development: leaders’ contribution. Regression: leaders’ response

Situational Leadership® Profile

Helps participants understand their preferred leadership style, as well as their flexibility in applying the appropriate coaching behaviors with the coachee Performance Readiness Level.

  • Self & Observer’s feedback
  • Style flexibility
  • Development tips to enhance your skills


About Situational Leadership®

Situational Leadership® Model is the most powerful system utilized globally for increasing leaders’ performance in work environment and their results, obtained through the people they are coordinating, regardless of their hierarchical position in organization or their functional role.

Developed by Dr. Paul Hersey at The Center for Leadership Studies, the Situational Leadership® Model is a powerful, yet flexible tool that enables leaders to diagnose the variables of any given situation and adapt their coaching style to the needs of the individual or team they are trying to influence. It is a model that impacted over 14 million managers worldwide, in Top 100 Fortune companies.

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