Building High Performing Teams

Starts on: 12/10/2023 9:15 am
Ends on: 12/10/2023 5:15 pm
Location: Iasi
Type: Training Course
Held in: Romanian
Recommended for: Manager, First Time Manager, Senior Manager
Skills: Leadership, Team Management
Your trainer: Adrian Rîndașu

Adi has experience in senior management advisory programs, management training, design and delivery of leadership programmes.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner EDUROM

Situational Leadership® Master Trainer

Belbin® Master Trainer

Herrmann HBDI® Certified Practitioner

— Equip Leaders with BELBIN®’s Knowledge of Team Work

Consolidating Performance within Teams

Building High Performing Teams is a dynamic and pragmatic program designed to help managers and individuals in leadership positions to increase their team’s performance and efficiency.

In research spanning several decades, Dr. Meredith Belbin has demonstrated that the success of teams depends not so much on the qualifications, the intelligence, the energy of its members, but more on how their contrasting behaviors fit in to the team mix.

By understanding the language of teams provided by BELBIN® Team Roles, managers will have an accessible, rich, people-positive tool to ensure the right people are doing the right tasks, thus leading to better-performing teams.


Program Content


  • Program Introduction. The Team Role Model
  • Effective vs Ineffective Teams
  • Working with different people based on their Team Roles
  • Eligibility and Suitability
  • Team Role Theory in Practice
  • Understanding Your Own Report
  • Using BELBIN® with Your Teams
  • What Makes a Great Manager
  • Dynamic Delegation
  • The BELBIN® Work Role Model
  • Maximizing the Contribution of Your Team Members



The BELBIN® Team Roles Profile


Both for you and your team members, the BELBIN® Individual Report helps participants understand their preferred behavioural styles when working in a team, as well as their most valuable contributions. Moreover, you can also discover those roles that don’t come naturally to you and for which you might benefit from the help of your team members.

  • Self Perception & Observer’s feedback
  • Most valuable contributions and development tips
  • Suggested work styles and ways to maximise your potential


About BELBIN® Team Roles


BELBIN® is a research-based methodology used worldwide to help people discover, articulate and refine their strengths, to build more effective teams and improve business performance.

The journey of BELBIN® started in 1969 at Henley College, where Dr. Meredith Belbin has studied team behaviour along several years of business simulations and close observations. Research showed that the most successful teams were those with a mix of different people, i.e. those with a range of different behaviors. Eventually, nine clusters of behavior turned out to be distinctive and useful. These were called “Team Roles”.

Benefits of Building High Performing Teams 
  • Identify which individuals are best suited for each tasks and delegate and manage more effectively
  • Prevent / decrease conflicts by understanding the triggers and weak spots of their team members
  • Improve collaboration between team members by implementing a common language and promoting activity trading
  • Define and communicate clear goals, and develop an atmosphere which encourages everyone to share their strengths and weaknesses
Participant Package
  • 1-Day In-person Workshop
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • BELBIN® Individual Profile for Yourself
  • BELBIN® Individual Profile for up to 5 Team Members & BELBIN® Team Profile
  • The Book “The BELBIN Guide to Succeeding at Work”
  • Extra BELBIN® Individual Profile (special price for up to 10 profiles)


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