BELBIN® Accreditation

Starts on: 15/07/2024 9:30 am
Ends on: 22/07/2024 12:30 pm
Location: Online
Type: Certification
Held in: Romanian
Recommended for: Manager, Individual Contributor, First Time Manager, Senior Manager
Skills: Leadership, Communication, Team Management
Your trainer: Mădălina Ungureanu

Madalina is actively working with teambuilding and training programs and has over 10 years of hands-on experience with the Belbin Team Roles methodology.

BELBIN® Accredited Consultant

— Become a BELBIN® Accredited Professional


About BELBIN® Team Roles

BELBIN® is a research-based methodology used worldwide to help people discover, articulate and refine their strengths, to build more effective teams and improve business performance.

The journey of BELBIN® started in 1969 at Henley College, where Dr. Meredith Belbin has studied team behaviour along several years of business simulations and close observations. Research showed that the most successful teams were those with a mix of different people, i.e. those with a range of different behaviours. Eventually, nine clusters of behaviour turned out to be distinctive and useful. These were called “Team Roles”.

Why become Accredited?

We also work with clients solely for BELBIN® Reports and trainings, but becoming accredited gives you the opportunity to do so much more. Here are a few of the advantages of learning how to apply the methodology yourself within your organisation:

  • Learn hands-on how to design Team Development programmes using a science-based, behavioural methodology
  • Help teams in your organisation grow, become better and perform better by improving collaboration and containing conflicts
  • Help individuals in your organisation to find their professional path and discover what works for them in terms of jobs and responsibilities through one-on-one discussions based on their individual reports
  • Get our help and support as BELBIN® Romania in tailouring solutions that work best for your organisation, teams and individuals.

Keep your accredited status, forever. Wherever your career takes you, your Belbin accreditation stays with you, so it’s a real investment in your future.

Kit Content

  1. 15 hours of Instructor-Lead Accreditation Course
  2. Original Accreditation Workbook
  3. Belbin Individual Report, based on Self Perception and Observer Feedback
  4. Perfect Team Architecture: how to improve team performance
  5. Belbin Internal Workshop Guide: how to run internal Belbin workshops post certification
  6. Certification Exam (1 hour)
  7. Certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin and by our master trainer
  8. Access to the “Accredited practitioners only” section on
  9. “Post-Training Action Plan” Session with seasoned Belbin Trainer


Logistical details

Keep in mind that the accreditation course goes over the span of 5 days, 3 hours per day, as follows:

  • 15, 16, 17, 18 July – Course theory and practice
  • 19 July – Recap & Review
  • 22 July – Accreditation Exam, which lasts about 1-2 hours.
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