Behaviours explained through Belbin Team Roles

In our mission to help you in having a better professional life, we brought BELBIN in Romania.

Belbin Team Roles is a methodology that passed the test of time and is continually validated to ensure that it is perfect for the workplace environment today.

By using Belbin, people can easily showcase their strengths to their current or future employer. Also, people can use the information for their own personal development goals.

For example, the main strengths of each Belbin Team Role can be seen below. Attention, it is an oversimplification:

Of course, besides strengths, there are also weaknesses. Or allowable weaknesses as Belbin names them. You can check them for each role here.

Also, keep in mind that each of us has more than one Belbin Team Role strength. The way our preferred roles interact present nuances in our working styles.


We invite you to talk with us on how Belbin can directly impact you in understanding and managing your behaviour:

If you are even more curious, our current offers at special prices for individuals are here: