Hiring tech talent in Romania, experienced by USA client

The words below were written by one of our clients from the USA, who decided to hire tech talent in Romania with the assistance of our EDUROM Recruitment division:   ”As a way to grow our European presence, my organization chose to start hiring talent in Romania and chose EDUROM Recruitment to help us move […]

Last call: join the Iasi IT Salary Survey (2023)

This is the last call to join the 10th edition of EDUROM’s Iasi IT Salary Survey. What salaries are in 2023 on the local IT market? What are the trends to come? Where does your business stand? Check below how the IT Salary Survey can help you with answers to these questions. Complete the short […]

Can a Romanian business be impactful on the national HR market?

Thinking of Romania’s 34 years of democracy, and most probably its 25-30 years of a business environment based on healthy capitalism principles, we presume that 20 years of experience in the Romanian HR market make us relevant. Two decades of experience during which we, the people of the Edurom Group, have lived in various contexts, […]

Poate avea un business românesc impact pe piața de HR de la noi?

Dacă ne gândim la faptul că în România avem 34 de ani de democrație, și cel mai probabil 25-30 de ani cu un mediu de afaceri care funcționează după principii sănătoase de capitalism, 20 de ani de experiență pe piața de HR românească, credem că sunt relevanți. Două decenii de experiențe pe care noi, cei […]